Flexibility for Fighters (and anyone else, really!)

2 07 2009

Reader Question: What Can I do in a small space to burn fat?

21 05 2009

I received a reader question this week, looking for advice on fat burning exercises you can do in the privacy of your home with no equipment (well, maybe a skipping rope or video) and little to no space.  I thought I would share the info with the rest of you as well!

Check it out!!

So, anything that gets your heart pumping and you all sweaty (including all those good things I know you are giggling about) will burn fat, it’s about finding an activity you can sustain long enough to start burning stored fat and not energy reserves. You need to be working consistently hard for a minimum of 15 minutes to start burning the stored fat, or work in intervals, but if you want more info on intervals, message me. That being said, here are some great sustainable options in a small space, you can always use any combo of the below suggestions or other suggestions, as long as you are working hard you can mix it up all you like!

1. skipping -lots of options to mix it up with pace, footwork and large vs small jumps

2. Salsa dancing – any kind of dance is good, but salsa and hip hop can be done in little to no space

3. Burpies, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and all those other great calisthenics that our gym teacher used to make us do…they are all still very effective

4. Shadow boxing ( tae bo) – just punching hard and moving your feet. Take a boxing cardio class to get the basics (or rent Billy Blanks and enjoy a giggle at the same time) and feel like a bad ass at the same time! Or, call us at THE BODY TEMPLE and get a boxing coaching session under your belt and turn your cardio time into FISTS OF FURY! 😉

5. Barre work – from a ballet, jazz or modern class. If you have no dance experience, The New York City Ballet Workout is fantastic and you can get the video or the book. Dancers have killer bodies and trust me, an hour of barre work may look easy, but it will kick your butt! 20 years of dance experience behind me….;)

6. Private dance party – this is what I suggest to my clients that get bored easily (I’m a trainer), just make a playlist of about 40 minutes that includes all of your fav dance songs that make you want to get up and play air guitar. Put it on and just boogie around your place until your playlist ends…. it’s a great mood booster too!

Hope this helps all of you out there.  Remember, summer is a great time to just get outside and play!  A game of pickup ultimate frisbee, frolf, a jog/walk through a park or just play in the playground for awhile.  Bikes and rollerblades are also back, so take advantage of the beautiful weather and feel good about yourself at the same time!

Band Training: Triceps!

14 05 2009

2 New Videos for BIKINI BODIES Pt 2

13 05 2009

Hey Ladies,

Sorry for the delay in the next installment, things have been hectic at THE BODY TEMPLE!

Check out these two videos, one is a basic exercise that anyone can do and the speed skater lunges are a little more advanced.

Start today and look great in your bikini this summer!

Equipment-Free Workout from Body Temple Boot Camp!

13 05 2009

This week’s equipment-free workout comes to you courtesy of last night’s Body Temple Boot Camp (and if you’re not coming out to them yet, what are you waiting for?!?). We had our boot campers run through this circuit a grand total of six times, but you can adjust that number to your own personal fitness level.

We performed 20 seconds of each of the following, with about 5 seconds in between exercises to get into position for the next one.

Jumping Jacks

Push Ups




Mountain Climbers

Notice how the exercises switch back and forth from standing to ground work. That’s to get you moving even more as you’re constantly getting up and back down. As with most circuits, your own intensity level will really dictate how much of a workout you get with this. Your rest time in between rounds in completely up to you, so if you want to really kick your own butt, minimize that rest time and get right back into the next round. You can either set a specific number of rounds to get through, or set the time for 20-30 minutes and see how many rounds you can get through. Next time out, try to beat your own record.

Have fun with it, and remember to warm up first, drink plenty of water during, and stretch afterwards.

Band Training: Hacksaw Rows

8 05 2009

A Different Kind of Workout

7 05 2009

Today was our first morning off in a very long time, and although I planned to spend this morning sprawled across the couch, I really felt the need to keep training. That is, my brain wanted to train. My body, on the other hand, was beat and didn’t want to do any sort of exercise. It would seem I was at an impass.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. The next time you’ve got yourself a serious, lazy rest day, do what I did today and exercise your mind! This goes beyond sitting and reading; this is supposed to be training, so we need a bit more effort and FUN! So what did I decide to do?

I set up shop in the super bright sun of my balcony today with a sketch book, a huge package of pastels, and my iPod. Right in front of me was our favourite tree, it reaches all the way up to our balcony. We live in a wind tunnel and this thing has been ravaged by the most ridiculous winds you can imagine, but our tree is incredibly resilient. An excellent reminder of what I strive for with my own physicality: strong and immovable, yet supple and able to bend. When the winds come whipping down our corridor, our tree is able to go with the flow. He’s had a yellow army man (whom we’ve named Jonas Blane) dangling by his parachute straps stuck in his branches the whole time we’ve been here. A more recent, yet equally immovable decoration is a pink ballon that said ‘To Jesus, From Miguel’. Our tree is awesome.

I dialed up some excellent music on my iPod (go with exactly whatever your definition of ‘excellent music’ is), and started to draw our favourite tree. We’ll be moving into our first house soon, and it occured to me that I’d love some drawings to remember our tree.

But I decided that, rather than straight up draw this tree, I would try to use both my right and left hands equally, so that my brain would get a real workout.

Now, does it matter if you don’t know how to draw? Hell no! Just go outside and try to put down on paper whatever it is you see before you. Then, get your non-dominant hand in on the action and enjoy the experience. Don’t worry that your non-dominant hand may render drawings reminiscent of your kindergarten days. You’re not doing this to show anyone, it’s just for yourself. It’s your daily training.

I found that the pastels were an excellent choice for this, because I could do lots of blending with my left hand. The lack of control with my left actually helped capture the rough, rugged terrain of the tree’s surface. My right hand tends to strive for perfection. My left hand is just kind of going with the flow. The combination of the two of them working together made for an excellent memento of our tree.

When was the last time your workout blasted both sides of your brain? Life is about balance, and if we’re going to devote a good chunk of time to keeping our bodies fit and ready for action, we need to make sure we’re taking the same care with our brains. Exercises such as this, a more colourful diet, exposure to classical music, even simply taking time to breathe deeply are all great ways to exercise our minds. The brain demands more than chicken breasts, egg whites, and protein shakes. If you want a vibrant, healthy brain, you need to feed it vibrant, healthy foods and exercise it daily.

Feed your mind!