Just In @ The Body Temple: BodyBlades!

29 09 2009

The BodyBlade is an awesome new toy that we recently picked up for the gym. Is it the only training tool you’ll ever need? Probably not. Is it an insanely fun (and functional) element to add into your current workout plan? Hell yes! You really have to try them for yourself to appreciate how great a workout it really is. Please enjoy the super cheesy music in this little promo video I found on youtube.


Band Training: One Arm Chest Fly

1 05 2009

Our band training series continues. If you haven’t bought your bands yet, go DO IT! Seriously, for less than 50 bucks you’ll have a total body gym that you can take with you anywhere. And as long as you keep checking out this blog, you’ll never run out of ideas for how to use ’em!

The Return of the Monday Workout

27 04 2009

Another Monday, another equipment-free workout to get you going for your week! This time, we’re slowing things down a bit. For this workout you’ll need: a little bit of space, some water and a towel. An iPod is an awesome asset for this one.

Today’s workout is all about balance. At the gym, I do this on yoga bricks, but if you don’t have any of those kicking around at home, use a phonebook. If you’re some sort of super human, stack two. What I want you to do today is simply balance. It seems easy at first, but trust me, it gets tough. You can start from the floor, or from on top of your brick/book. Simply raise one leg in the air, pull your belly button in towards your spine, breathe deeply and just balance. In the gym I like to have my clients go Miyagi crane position (I think we all know what that looks like, no?) with light weights in their hands. If that sounds like something you’re up for, go ahead and grab anything that’s got some nice weight to it. In school I remember a teacher once made a kid hold two hymn books out like that for what seemed like an eternity; no telling where your inspiration will come from! Switch from one foot to the other in whatever pattern suits you; a specified number of seconds, maybe the length of a song on your iPod. This is where hvaing music really benefits you; you can kind of zone out and take a few seconds to perform some active meditiation. Don’t limit yourself to just standing there like a karate man/woman all day long, either. Try some one-legged squats, hold your arms in different positions, get creative with it. Enjoy a few songs and before you know it you’ll have been balancing for a good 20-25 minutes. Notice how your abs feel. Notice how your whole body feels. This is a killer workout, and if you’re anything like me you’ll wind up doing it for a lot longer.

More Bikini Body Ab Action: Leg Lifts!

15 04 2009

A New Variation on Plank w Weight Transfer

14 04 2009

It’s no secret, we’ve got a thing for core strength and we’re always looking for new, fun, and interesting ways to challenge the cores of our clients. It is in that spirit that I came up with this little gem; check it out!

So maybe you don’t have a weight bench at home, but do you have a piano bench? A window seat? You can even try this at the bottom of the stairs (just put a couple of weights on the first step and plank right in front of it). I’d even advise you to try this in a park, with a few odd objects laid across a park bench. If you get creative, you can make this exercise work anywhere.

Bikini Body Moves: Pike Crunches

13 04 2009

Bikini Bodies Part 1 – The Moves: Heel Reaches

10 04 2009

Check out Alayna demonstrating one of the exercises from her Bikini Bodies Part 1 – Heel Reaches: