Just In @ The Body Temple: BodyBlades!

29 09 2009

The BodyBlade is an awesome new toy that we recently picked up for the gym. Is it the only training tool you’ll ever need? Probably not. Is it an insanely fun (and functional) element to add into your current workout plan? Hell yes! You really have to try them for yourself to appreciate how great a workout it really is. Please enjoy the super cheesy music in this little promo video I found on youtube.


Equipment-Free Workout! ‘Punchy Likes To Squat’

22 07 2009

Try this one out at home or anywhere you have a few feet of space to work with. Seriously, you could do this one in a phone booth (do those even exist anymore?):

Take up an orthodox boxing stance; left foot forward, feet shoulder width apart, weight evenly distributed between the ball of your back foot and your front foot, abs tight, hands up, chin down (but look up).

Throw a 1-2 combination; fire your left lead hand first, followed by your right rear hand. Breathe out with every punch and twist your body. Remember, your hip, knee, and toe all need to be pointing in the direction of your target so this means you’re really going to have to rotate those hips (which makes this a fantastic exercise for trimming your waist line, among other things).

After your 1-2, perform 2 striker’s squats. Weight on the heel of the front foot and on the ball of the back foot, back straight, abs tight, looking forward (I like to pick a spot on the wall and focus on that). Bend your knees and squat down as low as your comfortably can.

After your two squats, throw 4 straight punches. Lead hand – rear hand – lead hand – rear hand, keeping in mind the same things from the 1-2. As the workout goes, you’ll just keep adding 1-2s together.

Now perform 2 more striker’s squats, then 6 straight punches. Then 2 more squats, and 8 straight punches. Keep going all the way up, in increments of 2, until you get to 20. Then, come back down in increments of 2.

Now here’s the fun part: switch to a southpaw stance and do the whole thing again. To form a proper southpaw stance, just do everything from your orthodox stance in reverse. It will be humbling to your ego to throw punches (or do most everyday tasks this way) but that is why we do it. Don’t let your ego chase you away from doing something because you’re not good at it the first time out. If you really want to do your body and mind a favour, start this drill with your non-dominant side. The ability to throw a good, hard punch from any stance, or in any position is something that everybody should carry with them and hope that they never have to use.

If this is too much for you, just scale it back. Work your way up to 10 punches and back. If you know what you’re doing, mix in some of your other strikes: uppercuts, hooks, palm heel strikes, hammer fists, elbows, knees! String them together in different combos to keep it interesting for yourself.

Be sure to shake out your legs afterward and do a little running in place, or a few jumping jacks just to help cycle out the lactic acid that you’ll have built up from doing those squats.

Here’s another helpful tip: keep some water close by. It’s super important to stay hydrated while you train. Adding a pinch of sun dried sea salt to your water will also help with your hydration, and it’ll make your water taste great – just don’t use too much!

Answering More Viewer Emails: Backpack Harness

9 04 2009

Someone commented on the last band post, asking if we used any other band set ups. The answer is that we most certainly do; we use thes bands in dozens of ways and over the course of the next few weeks we’ll give you all a look at the rest of them. For now, here’s one of our favourites – The Backpack Harness:

Getting Creative with Elastics!

5 04 2009

Here at The Body Temple, we love us some elastics. We have them in the various lengths, strengths, and sizes. We’ve got some shaped like cuffs and some shaped like bows. Then we’ve got these fellas, the Iron Woody bands. These are essentially super strong elastics that you can use for everything from a pull up/dip assistant to what you see here: a bad ass harness rig! Check it out:

This exercise will help cultivate great punching power (make sure that the harness is right around your hips), and will just generally exhaust you. It also helps reinforce the need to ‘sit down’ on your punches. I used to see a lot of people hitting the heavy bag leaning way forward into the bag, to the point that their rear foot was often off the floor (or barely touching it). I understand where that instinct comes from. You want to lean into your punches in a attempt to get more reach and power. Trust me, sitting down on those punches will allow you to hit  much harder and, most importantly, it will keep you in balance. As we’ve already talked about, with boxing/striking, balance is everything.

What’s that you say? You don’t have any Iron Woody bands but would love to try this out because it looks like so much fun? Well then come on in to The Body Temple and we will be more than happy to hook you into this or any of our other harness set-ups and make you sweat!

Combat Sports Conditioning @ The Body Temple

29 03 2009

Local fight trainer, and man about town, Crazy Bob (of Crazy Bob’s House of Death), hits up The Body Temple for some combat sports conditioning.

Bob’s coming off of a pretty bad injury, but he’s been able to stay active and keep training, thanks to our unique array of equipment.